On this page you will find a build schematic for time and potential resolved multimodal spectroelectrochemistry. I built this system to operate in the UV-visible region to study electrocatalysts but feel free to vary from this template and modify the code as you see fit! You will find a list of parts compatible (and rough pricing) with the LabVIEW operating software I use to run the instrument. Currently, the system is compatible with oxford instruments detectors and IVIUM potentiostats but compatibility with Biologic is a priority in the near future!

You can also find a part list and operating software for a system compatible with the transient absorption/photoinduced absorption systems I have developed in the Durrant group, alongside Austin Consultants. This comes with a manual on how to operate and modify the code but I must emphasise that I will not be developing this code further and can only provide limited support and advice - if you intend to build this instrument, experience with labVIEW will be necessary!